Ecosox Bamboo Diabetic Socks

Ecosox Diabetic Socks

What's so great about Ecosox diabetics?

Everything. We take pride in bringing you the top tier diabetic socks in production today, Ecosox. Don't believe us? Learn below, and if you're still skeptical, try a pair yourself! At our low prices, there's nothing to lose!


Will they cut off circulation?

Definitely not. From the tab style through the morpul-top diabetic crew, Ecosox have been designed for diabetics. The tab, low-cut, diabetic quarter, and diabetic crew all have non-restrictive tops. The diabetic quarter and crew have the most to offer with morpul-tops that will fit around even the most swollen legs with ease. Better yet, unlike most of our competitors, Ecosox will stay up on your leg, preventing the annoying feeling of bunched up socks down around your ankles. Won't it be nice to break the habit of pulling your socks back up on your leg every few minutes?


What are diabetic dress socks?

Diabetic dress socks are non-restrictive colored diabetic socks made for occasions where a colored dress sock may be needed such as weddings/funerals. These diabetic dress socks are made so that they will not fall down your leg. These are diabetic socks that stay up! On top of that, all of our socks are made of bamboo so they do not smell. That's right, these are even diabetic socks that don't smell! With the best bamboo diabetic socks manufactured today, make sure you try a pair of Ecosox bamboo diabetic dress socks today!


Will these diabetic socks fall down my leg?

No. Case closed. As stated above, our socks have all been made specifically for diabetics, and have been designed to stay up. It is quite the challenge designing a sock that will not only be loose enough to prevent circulation from getting cut off when legs begin to swell, but will also stay up and not fall down when not being stretched to the max. I'm sure many of you have noticed failed attempts at this with your previous socks. Don't worry, we nailed it!


Why are most diabetic socks white?

Not sure.. We are one of the only manufacturers of diabetic dress socks in 4 colors other than white. Yes you did read that correctly, we offer colored diabetic socks, including black which is the most difficult color to make! Imagine getting ready for a wedding, or possibly a funeral. Suit and tie, check. Dress slacks, check. And then your faced with your first obstacle, either squeeze into your black dress socks and deal with tingling and pain inflicted feet and legs all day, or throw on your bleach white  socks that do not match anything you're wearing. It may not be the most traumatic event, but it is a reality many of us have faced at one point or another. That's when you wonder, why are all diabetic socks white? The same question is what sparked our dress line of colored diabetic socks which are available now!


Are these socks bamboo diabetic socks too?

Well of course! All styles of Ecosox are made of viscose from bamboo, including our diabetic line. But don't think you're getting any sock, just made from bamboo rather than cotton; when we say our diabetic socks are top tier diabetic socks, we mean it. Ecosox bamboo diabetic socks are unlike any other bamboo socks on the market today in one aspect, quality. Other manufacturers will take the same cheap and poorly woven cotton socks they've been selling for years in the discount bins at big box stores, make these socks from bamboo, and then charge an arm and a leg for 1 pair. That's just not how we do it. Our socks are the best made diabetic socks today. They are woven from bamboo which adds a whole new level of benefits cotton can't offer. Each style has been meticulously designed by a man with over 25 years experience, creating the nicest diabetic socks available today, EcoSox Diabetics.