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What's so great about Ecosox compression socks?

As is true with all Ecosox, Ecosox compression socks are high-quality socks knitted from woven bamboo fibers. This means they now have all the benefits of bamboo along with the quality of Ecosox.


What are compression socks?

Compression socks are high-tech socks made using graduated pressure on the foot and leg to help increase blood-flow. The key to compression socks is the fact that their pressure is graduated. This helps combat one factor our body's blood flow cannot always handle on its own, gravity. Gravity can cause blood to pool in our lower legs and feet which can cause problems such as edema, thrombosis, and phlebitis. Even in milder cases it can still often be an annoyance by causing leg cramps and foot fatigue. Compression socks, due to the tight pressure they put on your feet and lower legs, do not allow this blood to pool which fights all of these problems.


How do compression socks work?

Compression eases pressure!  Typically, leg muscles exert pressure on the veins to pump blood to the heart.  But when you're sitting for long periods, as on a long flight, your legs aren't getting that extra pressure to send the blood back to the heart.  Blood can accumulate in the ankles and feet, causing swelling and aching.  There's also a risk of blood clots or deep vein thrombosis.  Graduated compression legwear applies controlled pressure on the legs, with the highest degree of pressure at the ankle and gradually decreasing up the leg.  This pressure keeps the blood moving back to the heart!


Who should wear compression socks?

In the beginning, compression socks were made for anyone with compromised circulatory systems. Now however, a wide range of consumers from athletes looking for extra support, to people who spend many hours a day working on their feet are all finding the benefits of compression socks. Experts are now even suggesting compression socks to people who may be going on a long flight as a way to prevent circulatory problems and cramping. Compression socks can be used by almost anyone.


Are Ecosox compression socks really made of bamboo?

Yes they are. All of our compression socks are made of viscose from bamboo. Like all other styles of Ecosox, the compression do have small amounts of other materials to help with the elasticity and durability, but yes, they are made from woven bamboo fibers.

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