1. Are Ecosox really made out of Bamboo?

    Absolutely. Bamboo is a grass, and although the outer wall is hard, the leaves and inner pith can be made into pulp by crushing and mixing them with caustic soda, a low impact chemical. It's then spun into bamboo fiber that's no thicker than the average human hair. It has a round smooth surface perfect for spinning into bamboo yarn and then eventually knit into socks.

  2. Bamboo sounds so hard and scratchy... are Ecosox really soft?

    Surprisingly soft. Bamboo textiles are very smooth, have a natural sheen to the surface, and they really do feel like silk textiles or cashmere. To further understand how soft bamboo fibers are, a notable linen manufacturer compares their 300 count bamboo sheets to their 1000 count cotton sheets.

  3. Are Ecosox environmentally friendly?

    Sure. EcoSox are made from Bamboo, nature's most sustainable resource. Bamboo is grown without pesticides or chemicals, is 100% biodegradable, and naturally regenerative. Bamboo takes in five times the amount of greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees, doing it's part to combat global warming.

  4. Do Ecosox deprive Pandas of their food source?

    No. There are over 1,200 species of bamboo on the planet. All of our products are manufactured from a specific bamboo called "moso" which is not eaten by Pandas.

  5. What are Ecosox diabetic dress socks?

    Diabetic dress socks are non-restrictive colored diabetic socks made for occasions where a colored dress sock may be needed such as weddings/funerals. These diabetic dress socks are made so that they will not fall down your leg. These are diabetic socks that stay up! On top of that, all of our socks are made of bamboo so they do not smell. That's right, these are even diabetic socks that don't smell! With the best bamboo diabetic socks manufactured today, make sure you try a pair of Ecosox bamboo diabetic dress socks today!

  6. Will Ecosox diabetic socks fall down?

    No. Case closed. As stated above, our socks have all been made specifically for diabetics, and have been designed to stay up. It is quite the challenge designing a sock that will not only be loose enough to prevent circulation from getting cut off when legs begin to swell, but will also stay up and not fall down when not being stretched to the max. I'm sure many of you have noticed failed attempts at this with your previous socks. Don't worry, we nailed it!

  7. Do Ecosox diabetic socks cut off circulation?

    Definitely not. From the tab style through the morpul-top diabetic crew, Ecosox have been designed for diabetics. The tab, low-cut, diabetic quarter, and diabetic crew all have non-restrictive tops. The diabetic quarter and crew have the most to offer with morpul-tops that will fit around even the most swollen legs with ease. Better yet, unlike most of our competitors, Ecosox will stay up on your leg, preventing the annoying feeling of bunched up socks down around your ankles. Won't it be nice to break the habit of pulling your socks back up on your leg every few minutes?

  8. What are Ecosox active sport socks?

    Ecosox Active Sport socks are high quality, durable, and padded socks which also feature an arch support. Made to put up with whatever sport or activity you could possibly put them through, our active sport socks are hard to beat. In fact, that's why we claim to carry the best socks on the market today. Great for any sport, yet soft and comfy making them perfect to lounge around in as well, what else could you want?

  9. If bamboo is so soft, are Ecosox durable?

    Durability was a key factor for consideration while developing the Active Sport line of Ecosox. The socks were put through and passed many tests and trials to make sure they would live up to the high-quality and expectations of the Ecosox line. Durability was a key factor when developing the socks, and has not lost any importance since. So yes, they will last. Don't believe it? Try them out and prepare yourself for a sweet surprise!

  10. What are the warmest Ecosox available?

    The best sock, when it comes to dealing with the freezing winter weather, is our Ecosox World's Most Eco-Friendly sock. Our Eco-Friendly sock is made of a combination of viscose from bamboo and Merino Wool, and has a thick and ultra-warm foot. With extra padding on the sole for added comfort with soft and moisture-wicking bamboo, your feet could never be more prepared for the snow. It also features a nice warm crew top to add extra warmth and cover to your legs. Just like the rest of our socks, the hiker features an arch support and maximum durability which makes it a great work sock too. To anyone who will be spending time outside in the cold winter weather, you have found your sock! 

  11. How are Ecosox Hiking Socks better than cotton and wool hiking socks?

    Hiking and working in a pair of Ecosox is where you are most likely going to notice all the great properties of bamboo. First off, bamboo is odor free. Imagine a world where your work boots don't have an odor. Yeah, that's what we're working towards. Bamboo also helps to prevent blisters. Bamboo is naturally anti-static which keeps them from rubbing on your feet and causing blisters. Bamboo is also very absorbent which helps regulate foot temperature. This keeps your feet warmer when its cold and cooler when its warm. Bamboo is the way to go when it comes to hiking socks!

  12. What are Compression Socks?

    Compression socks are high-tech socks made using graduated pressure on the foot and leg to help increase blood-flow. The key to compression socks is the fact that their pressure is graduated. This helps combat one factor our body's blood flow cannot always handle on its own, gravity. Gravity can cause blood to pool in our lower legs and feet which can cause problems such as edema, thrombosis, and phlebitis. Even in milder cases it can still often be an annoyance by causing leg cramps and foot fatigue. Compression socks, due to the tight pressure they put on your feet and lower legs, do not allow this blood to pool which fights all of these problems.

  13. Who should wear Compression Socks?

    In the beginning, compression socks were made for anyone with compromised circulatory systems. Now however, a wide range of consumers from athletes looking for extra support, to people who spend many hours a day working on their feet are all finding the benefits of compression socks. Experts are now even suggesting compression socks to people who may be going on a long flight as a way to prevent circulatory problems and cramping. Compression socks can be used by almost anyone.

  14. What's so great about Ecosox Compression Socks?

    As is true with all Ecosox, Ecosox compression socks are high-quality socks knitted from woven bamboo fibers. This means our compression socks have all the benefits of bamboo along with the quality of Ecosox.

  15. Is there an Ecosox line for nurses?

    It is recommended that nurses and doctors wear our Ecosox Active Sport socks. Our Active Sport line are great for anyone who work on their feet and will help to fight foot fatigue, while providing maximum comfort.

  16. Do Ecosox come in scrub colors?

    Yes we do. We have socks in pink, blue, and black for women, and navy, tan, and black for men. The colors have been made to serve that exact purpose. Check them all out in our store!

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